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Comprehensive assessments are used to guide the hand rehabilitation program and / or provide recommendations for ongoing case management and include:
2009 186
  • Sensory Assessment
  • Movement Assessment
  • Muscle Function Assessment
  • Grip and Pinch Strength Assessment
  • Hand Function Assessment
  • Reports
Clinical practice standards are aligned to current research and are continually monitored by our senior hand therapists.
Education and advice

  • About your injury or condition, the rehabilitation process and expected outcomes including time frames for return to work and sport.
Splinting and Casting

  • Fabrication of customised static and dynamic splints using thermoplastics, plaster, neoprene and lycra to protect repaired structures and allow prescribed movement
  • Resting splints, protective splints, mobilisation splints and working splints
Wound, Oedema and & Scar Management

  • Basic wound care and compression bandaging to optimise healing and allow early exercise and hand use.
  • Use of silicone media, massage techniques and compression for scar management.
  • Techniques to flatten, soften, and desensitise scar tissue as well as increase the mobility of the scar and surrounding tissues
Range of motion, stretching and strengthening programmes

  • Use of heat, cold for pain, inflammation and stiffness
  • Massage techniques including trigger point, myofascial, deep tissue and friction massage
  • Dedicated home programs to facilitate and progress movement and upgrade function
  • Work Conditioning